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Company Formation

Tactical Management offers independent bespoke corporate structures to clients operating and investing globally. Tactical Management services allow you to save time and money, and the unparalleled client service system in forming a company in a foreign soils. We do not sell companies on the internet as many others do, we offer our clients unique structures guiding them how to comply with national and international rules and obligations.


Secretarial Services

Our secretarial services will assist you from set-up to liquidation, helping you to fulfill your obligations in each jurisdiction. We give you the infrastructure to control costs, a good standing of your corporate and give you a wide range of services taking care of Governance and Regulatory compliance. Tactical Management will give you a dedicated company secretarial contact responsible for providing updates to you and you can ensure your reputation with the relevant regulators always remains intact.


Management Services

We help our clients to make their visions come true in accordance with the country’s specific rules and regulations. Tactical Management helps you to control your management challenges, reduce costs, enhance revenues and increase profits. We offer the understanding of the local economic and business conditions, coupled with international contacts. Tactical Management services helps you to develop and implement effective planning to reach your goals and maximize profit. Working together, we study every facet of your organization, how it functions, and identify the key issues and challenges facing your business.


Economic Substance

In 2017 the Code of Conduct Group (Code Group) investigated the tax policies of both EU member states and third countries, assessing:

  • Tax transparency
  • Fair taxation
  • Implementation of anti–BEPS measures (The OECD’s project on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting)

Since then, many international financial centers have introduced recently economic substance legislation, in order to address alleged concerns of entities generating too much profit and too little substance in low-tax jurisdictions. The relevant entities have to fulfil the following requirements in the jurisdiction:

  • Strategic decisions are taken
  • Core income generating activities are undertaken
  • It maintains adequate physical premises
  • There are adequate employees with suitable qualifications