our services

We take charge of the affairs of our clients and give them strategic asset management advises. As an independent Multi-Family Office, we do not sell any products to our clients. We work on a bespoke “service delivery model” by providing them objective advises placing the interests of our clients first.

Estate Planning

Our independent in-house experts over multi-jurisdictional and multilingual service are working closely with the world’s leading tax advisors, law firms and financial institutions.

Combining with our cross-border transaction experience and global tax knowledge, we can provide our clients with innovative, reliable and comprehensive tax services. Our experts are experienced in developing sophisticated wealth transfer strategies and integrating those strategies with personal and business goals.

Objective Financial Council

We provide our clients independent research and objective advices, so that they can make best informed decisions. Tactical Management are free from external influences to push particular investment products or advices.

From where we stand we have your best interest in mind and we value relationship. We provide insights about your specific income streams and the tax implication. Tactical Management believes your tax and wealth management strategies are intertwined and should be considered holistically.

Risk Management

We help our clients to control a wide variety of risk sources, including financial uncertainty, legal liabilities and strategic management errors. We implant a risk management plan and considering risk potentials before they occur.

Tactical Management experts will help you to identify risks, examine your operation policies and procedures, and suggest ways to better protect your organization. Our commitment to you starts before there’s a claim. As part of our comprehensive risk management program, we offer a wide variety of risk management services.

Life Style Management

We act as a Lifestyle Assistant offering our clients time and valued spending, combined with our expertise and a wide network of contacts. Our worldwide services are limited to our high-net-worth customers.

Tactical Management offers bespoke services that goes beyond than dining, travel plans and entertainment needs. We focuses on transforming your lifestyle into a beautiful memorable experiences, high-quality accommodations, and activities to your personal interests. We discreetly serve clients from around the world who have busy schedules and need turnkey solutions like ours to save time and make life easier when it counts.