Investment Associate

Job Description

Assist us in handling our clients’ investment portfolios. The role involves collaborating with our analysts to acquire stocks and other investments that boost profits. Your duties will include predicting market trends, buying stocks, and closely monitoring each client’s portfolio for any adjustments. The preferred candidate should hold a finance degree and have previous experience in private equity or managing corporate portfolios for a few years. However, having experience in general financial planning or risk analysis is also acceptable.


  • Meet with clients to assess their financial situation and investment goals
  • Monitor market conditions and economic trends to inform investment decisions
  • Collaborate with investment analysts to choose suitable investments for clients’ portfolios
  • Communicate with clients to keep them updated on their portfolio performance and any changes made
  • Buy and sell stocks or other securities based on market changes and portfolio objectives.


  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree in Finance
  • Experience in portfolio management
  • Ability to forecast market trends and make informed investment decisions
  • Strong communication and analytical skills




Employment type

Full time

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