Flagship Funds

Our Flagship Funds are strategically dedicated to investing in European special situations, with a primary focus on generating substantial returns while placing a strong emphasis on ensuring resilient downside protection. Employing an agile approach and pioneering investment solutions, we empower fundamentally sound companies and their management teams to uncover concealed value amidst operational, financial challenges, or broader market dislocations.

Recognizing the distinctive demands of special situations, we stand out in delivering heightened outcomes by tailoring capital solutions that drive performance. This involves spearheading financial restructurings, introducing innovatively structured fresh capital, and establishing new platforms to target underserved or inefficient markets. At the core of our strategy is a commitment to navigating complexities with precision, ensuring our investments yield strategic and sustainable growth.

“I believe that positive energy and optimism help us to take up any challenge in life and to succeed in even the most difficult tasks. I also believe that positive energy is contagious: we can transmit it to others.”

– HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum