The door to central Europe which provides full access to the European internal market and is recognized as the leading hub for doing business in Eastern and Southeast Europe. Austria offers very interesting conditions that are quite unknown to the general public. The Austrian legal system places hardly any restrictions on foreign investments and Governmental permission is not required to incorporate a foreign invested company.


Germany has the strongest economy in Europe and the 4th largest economy in the world. Germany offers a solid and sustainable environment for companies and it’s known for the premium quality of its products. Driven by industrial production, the country exports more than any other country besides China and the United States. Germany workforce is highly educated and the country’s unified tax code and business-friendly policies are favorable for publicly traded companies.


Spain has a growing market with closed trade relations to Portugal, North Africa and South America. Easy to set up and operate for Corporate Structures for SME’s. Spain is a major player not only in the Europe but also at the Global stage. Spain’s economy is the 9th largest in the world and the foreign investors can take advantage of this huge market base. The foreign investors can also take advantage of the strategic geographic location of Spain and to invest in diverse sectors that promise tremendous growth potential.


Known for its outstanding solid economic environment, independency and very established banking system. Switzerland is the most competitive business center in the world having a top-notch innovation and technology, a liberal economic system, a high standard of living, and a competitive tax system. Switzerland is an open gateway to European, African and Middle-Eastern markets.