Corporate Structuring


A well-defined corporate structure is of utmost importance to any organization. 

Corporate structuring plays a vital role in the life of a company.  It focus toward strengthening the company by maximizing profits, minimizing cost and eliminating inefficiency.

We manage all aspects of corporate structuring for companies.  We have built an enviable reputation on schemes of arrangement and even the cross-border mergers of regulated businesses.  We also work as international advisors on complex multi-jurisdictional projects.

Corporate planning is done to anticipate future events. All industry in the business can benefit from corporate structure to ensure tax efficiency and limit legal liability among other things.  Some considerations to be discussed with you:

  • Tax structures
  • Business corporation
  • Cash distributions
  • Trust funds
  • Succession planning
  • Preventive measures to protect the client’s interest

Our wide range of experience can help you to determine the appropriate corporate structure for your business based on your specific goals and needs.


The structure for a company is like the pillars of a building and has to be strong to pave the way for successful operations.  It is the key to the success of huge corporations.  Through the constant adjustment of its legal and regulatory framework and the introduction of new corporate tools.

Tactical Management sees the need of business in:

  • Ownership interests protection
  • Full management control
  • Assets liabilities segregation
  • Efficient governance vehicle
  • Robust corporate governance
  • Succession planning
  • Controlled set up frame process
  • In compliance with the UAE Economic Substance Regulations


We support our inbound clients with their incorporation within the UAE onshore, offshore, branches, LLC and free trade zone entities.

Tactical Management provide pragmatic solutions to make it flexible and efficient to individual entrepreneurs, startup businesses, foreign and local and foreign companies,  small and medium or multinational companies, family’s wealth and Ultra High-Net Worth Individuals.

On global scale, we can assist the client by providing fiduciary services and corporate service providers.

  • More than one hundred type of business activities are eligible for 100% Foreign Ownership of companies in the Mainland.
  • Transfer of management ownership structuring of the UAE local company from UAE mainland to UAE Common law free zone.
  • Law risk mitigation in case of death of local citizen or foreign partner
  • No restrictions on repatriation of profits or capital out of UAE