Investment Opportunity
A Printing Company reduced its annual revenue from $65 million before COVID to $22 million post COVID.

The company was running their production in 3 factories, having big debts with suppliers and banks, and high OPEX costs.

Added Value
The SPV sold 2 of the factories, signed over 100 refinancing and settlement agreements with suppliers and banks,  reduced costs ( i.e. returned 49 vehicles to leasing companies, outplaced 37 employees, negotiated cheaper energy costs and sold not needed machinery ) and thanks to the launch of a new printing product the company generated a positive EBIT. 

Investment  Result
The company achieved a positive Ebit in the same year of the acquisition, the majority of the employees maintained their jobs and thanks to the new product the company became sustainable on the long term. The investment, restructuring and exit process was achieved in less than 2 years.