Carlos Jara


His real estate career starts projecting in the development of different companies in the field of architecture and engineering, construction, urban development and real estate development.

He is an expert in the primary and secondary markets and in the services and advisory markets, in the transactional and non-transactional disciplines. Among its professional events, it is worth highlighting the land developments of Barcelona in the 1990s and the first quinquennium of 2,000.

Formed in law, management of real estate companies and real estate expert, these were expanded with several related studies in the field. Partner of the pioneering group in multidisciplinary networks @Kubik attends as a lecturer, giving presentations in different business associations. He emphasizes his vision on the development of cities under the digital age through the concept “infoestructuras”, a concept developed in the paper he moderated in the BMP Symposium, 2000. He has also shared his knowledge as a guest of University of Sevilla and Barcelona and Private University of Barcelona. Coauthor of Urbanr3d (start of smarts cities).