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Project Investment Project Real Estate and Tourism Development
Country Ecuador
 Location On request
Description Holding company offers joint venture for the construction of Real Estate Tourism project, localized strategically in a privileged beach tourist area in Ecuador.

The profit of the business is distributed in direct proportion of the investment:
– Holding company contributes with land USD 32.00 MM (38.95%)
– New investor contributes up to USD 52.15 MM (61.05%)

Benefits for the investor:

It will be guaranteed to receive the benefits with the signing of an investment contract with the Ecuadorian government through a public deed and approval of the Sectoral Production Council.

• Stability on tax incentives up to 15 years.
• Renewable once (maximum validity of 30 years).
• The investor can request the total or partial reduction of tariffs for imported capital goods.
• Exception of foreign exchange taxes on financing operations.
• Establishes conflict resolution mechanisms.

Economic category Tourism
Investmet • TIR: > 15,00%
• Payback: 5 years
Type of project Private
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